Friday, May 23, 2014

Jack Johnson-Walks the walk on his "All at once" tour

This past Tuesday I was privileged to have manned the Surfrider Foundation booth along with fellow activist Patrick Snyder at Jack Johnson's "All At Once" tour concert at the St Augustine Amphitheatre in St Augustine Beach. Jack had invited six environmental non-profit groups to have booths at the concert.
Before getting into the heart of my subject matter I want to say that the concert itself was awesome and had a laid-back feel to it. Jack mixed in both old and new tunes and delivered them seemingly at the top of his game. The crowd quickly got into the feel of it all and were up on their feet for most of the show. Jack's music seems to hit a chord with a wide group of all ages and backgrounds.
What makes his concerts different from many is Jack and his band and colleagues. There was no big pyrotechnic display, no ego's brought to the stage and I and I'm sure many others came away feeling like a friend of theirs was playing for them.
Now to the heart of my story. Unlike a lot of other performers Jack walks the walk and is true to his beliefs. He and his crew are diligent in making sure his concerts have a very low environmental impact and indeed actually benefits the local environment. (See his web-site for specifics)
Jack also backs it up by donating all of the profits from his tour to environmental and other worthy causes. I'm sure it would be hard to name too many groups and entertainers who back it up to that level.
Jack is from Hawaii and has a deep surfing background that not only weaves it's way into his music but also his psyche. He has a deep love and respect for the environment and the oceans in particular and wants to help protect them.
I suppose I shouldn't have been by I was both surprised and elated that Jack took the time to visit with all of the volunteers and non-profit participants to discuss his mission and to find out more about ours. He even sat for group pictures ( I was lucky enough to sit beside his for them).
Being an environmental activist and volunteer is not an easy thing especially these days and at time can be very demanding and frustrating when you don't feel you are making a big enough impact. Thankfully the Jack Johnson's of the world are here to spread the word and make us feel like we can make a difference.
I know it inspired me to keep up the good fight and continue to do the little bit I do to help the cause. And in the end whether we are a celebrity or just an average Joe/Joelle isn't that all we can do and if so that's good enough to make a big difference.
So thanks once again Jack for what you do and keep up the good work.

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