Monday, February 2, 2009

Update of 2/2/09

Well as I write this blog I have yet to find steady employment but there is a possibility of same on the horizon so I remain hopeful. In the interim I have been busy working on my art and on the second draft of a novel that I hope to have to the publisher by the end of June. During the later part of 2008 my Children's book Byron the Lonely Christmas Tree was placed into pre-release by my publisher Tate publishing. The book is scheduled for full release this coming July.
I have decided to hire a publicist to aid me in the promotion of the book and myself. I also hope to be able to further promote my current book Chicken of the Sea and do speaking engagements relative to those two book s as well as related inspirational topics. During this difficult time of unemployment I have appreciated the help and support of family Friends and the Lord. In January I contributed to an article in the new Surfing publication MorSurf. I hope to be able to contribute on more articles in the future. I also, in the near future, hope to start writing blog articles for I feel belessed to be able to write and hope that my writing can both inspire readers and bring joy to them.
At the end of December I turned 60 and was blessed to be surprised by the visit from two of my daughters their husbands and our grandchildren. We had a great time. Turning 60 was not as traumatic as I had thought. I am still able to ride my short boards and other than the normal aches and pains do not feel any older. Though poorer i do feel a bit wiser but i have also come to realize that I will continue to struggle with my weaknesses and frailties. But as they say, it is sure better than the alternative. It was unfortunate that our other Daughter Ashley could not make the trip home for the holidays from Hawaii. As such, we will look to visit her out there this spring. Aloha for now and Mahalo

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