Friday, December 12, 2008

Hi: Welcome to my new blog

Hi : I am a new blogger who has been reluctant to do so until now. I am currently unemployed having been layed off in a "reorganization" six months ago. The blessing in it was that it has given me time to pursue my other passions including my art and writing and i have also been able to surf quite a bit more. I am approaching my 60th B-day but my passions have helped to keep me young. While being unemployed has been most difficult I try to keep my faith and believe that God is directing me in the direction that I need to go in. I believe that writing and helping others through my writing and speaking about my faith and trials and tribulations is what he has gifted me with and wants me to pursue. I have to admit that this is not yet paying the bills but I do believe he will provide for me. I have been fblessed to have had two books published and have also finished the first draft of a novel. I also have this week completed my first article for the newly formed Surfing Publication MoSurf and will soon be doing a regular blog for MuSurfari. I will be developing links to those publicarions as things develop and will try diligenyly to do regular Blogs here. Thanks for reading. Mahalo, Paul

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