Friday, June 13, 2014

What do you love and how do you show your love

Certainly people (well at least hopefully they do) love their families, friends and possessions and would do almost anything for them even to the point of risking their lives for them. That's natural and expected but what about showing our love for other things like animals, nature, the environment and strangers.
Unfortunately we don't always feel the same way about those things and often take them for granted.
Talking about the environment and our oceans, lakes and rivers in particular, we often don't treat them with the love we should even though they and the creatures that live in them give us so much pleasure.
We have left trash, plastics and cigarette butts on the beach which end up in them causing pollution and harm to them and the creatures that dwell within them. We dump tons of chemicals on our lawns that end up running into our lakes, rivers and oceans making them sick.
Recently the Five Gyres group surveyed ever nook and cranny of our oceans and no matter when/where they dipped their nets they always found plastics. Toxic Runoff has caused sickness to both animals and people and caused numerous beach closures, and things like red tide.
If you're like me you've spent a lot of time either, boating fishing and/or surfing and have gotten great pleasure from those activities. And like me you've probably noticed changes in those things that are troubling.
For years those things troubled me but I didn't know what I could do about it. Fortunately in recent years especially since joining the Surfrider Foundation and the Native Plant Society and getting better educated on the issues I now feel like I can make a positive difference and give back to the environment and the things that have given me so much pleasure.
Whether it be joining in on a beach or lake/river clean-up, learning how Ocean/River Friendly Gardening can cut down on runoff and reduced use of chemicals and water, or learning how native plants can help with the above or simply using the principals of reduce, reuse and recycling we can make a difference.
All it takes is getting involved and showing our environment the love it deserves.
Thanks for caring and for tuning into my posts. Mahalo and Aloha, Paul
P.S. I promise next weeks post will be a fun one.

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